Are you feeling ready to take back control of your own life?

Together we will walk through the various stages of moving through the childless journey from acceptance and navigating grief and fear to taking control of your story and taking inspired action to create a next chapter which is fulfilling and purposeful

Before I tell you more about this coaching, let's see if this coaching is for you

You are fed up of existing rather than living a happy and fulfilling life

You know you deserve more but don’t quite know how to take that next step or what it even looks like

You want to work with somebody who has walked this path before you

Happy and Childless coaching will help you understand your current situation and existing patterns of behaviour which are holding you back. We will work with the Happy and Childless Life Matrix and uncover what is important to you across all areas of your life and we will introduce new habits, coping mechanisms and actions which will transform your day to day experience from one of low energy, frustration and hopelessness to one which is energetic, purposeful and full of excitement for the future

By the end of our coaching you will have...

Gained Clarity

Gained clarity about what you want in your life through working with the H&C Life Matrix. You will have a better understanding of your current environment and have highlighted the areas of life which you will focus on

Aligned your Life Matrix

Reassessed your core values and aligned your life matrix with these values. This creates more harmony in your life and a feeling of authenticity

Taken Control

Taken control of fear and ascertained where fear is holding you back from pushing forward and creating a happier and more fulfilled life

Created an Inspired Action Plan

In accordance with your H&C Life Matrix and will be moving towards a more balanced and harmonious life

H&C Toolbox

Created your own, bespoke H&C Toolbox full of tips and techniques to help young just navigate the path of childlessness but also embrace a new path forward

Future Plans

Become energised with renewed hope for the future


What does the coaching session involve?

My coaching involves exploring and understanding your current environment and then creating a vision for what you want out of your life. By reconnecting with yourself and your values, you can uncover and challenge limiting beliefs and assumptions you have about yourself and your environment. We are all living by a pre-conditioned, pre-established story which can be rewritten if we take the time to look deep inside ourselves. It is a journey from a place of uncertainty to a place of self awareness, clarity and direction.

This requires self reflection, self discovery and taking action. You have the answers inside yourself. You are resourceful and whole but often a spotlight is required to highlight blockages, confusion and limiting beliefs

Why coach with me?

I have walked the path that you are looking to take and I know how hard it is to be in a revolving door not knowing how to step out and not also knowing if you will survive what is out there waiting for you but I am here to tell you that you can do this! Just as I did. It takes courage, determination and inspired action but it truly is possible to rediscover your energy and live a happier, more fulfilling life.

Connection is what made it possible for me. Connecting with those that understood me and had also taken the journey before me and alongside me.

You may not believe you can at this stage but all I ask is that you lean on my unwavering belief in you until, further into our coaching, you will uncover your own belief in yourself. I am passionate that we all deserve happiness and that purpose and satisfaction in life is within our control.

I am here for you, to walk through each step of the way. I have walked the path before you and I am on your side. You can do this. I believe in you!

Ready to take the first step to becoming a happier you?