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I’m Helen Gallagher

Providing 1:1 coaching, business consultancy and workplace coaching specialising in support on being childlessness not by choice. If you have arrived at this site you are probably looking for support and resources to help you navigate the difficult path of being childless not by choice so you can embrace life again and learn to live a happy and fulfilling life. You are in the right place as I have walked this path before you and have dedicated the last 5 years to compiling the best resources, tips and techniques which are proven and have shown results time and time again. I know this because it is these very techniques which helped me move forward from a place of deep sadness and hopelessness to one of renewed hope, joy and fulfilment. If you do not quite believe this is possible, all I ask is that you take hold of my unwaivering belief that it is and together we will take these next steps.

Business Consultancy

If you are not childless not by choice but are an employer, colleague, friend or family member of somebody that is and want to be as informed as possible so you can better support and understand others who may be affected then thank you. Your commitment to support is so very appreciated. I have what you need to help you understand the challenges faced, change culture, amend policy and create an environment which is inclusive and supportive.

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Business Consultancy

Business Consultancy

1:1 Coaching

1:1 Coaching

Employer and Departmental Coaching

Employer and Departmental Coaching

Coaching Support through Employee Assistance Programmes

Coaching Support through Employee Assistance Programmes

About me

Support your personal development and chase your Dreams

I am childless by circumstance following years of unexplained infertility and sadly my marriage coming to an end at 40. I was heartbroken, I couldn’t see a way forward and I was lacking in any hope for the future. I was devoid of purpose. Move forward to now and I am literally living my best life.

I am Founder of Happy and Childless, a coaching business which incorporates a podcast, blog and free connections app for childless not by choice men and women. In 2021, I gave up my corporate career to focus fully on supporting this community. I am now offering coaching to other childless people and businesses with an emphasis on moving forward and creating a fulfilling life with purpose and contentment. I am not happy because I am childless, I am happy despite being childless.

Through personal experience and through successfully navigating my way through the challenges, I am fully committed to offering support and coaching to individuals, employees and employers.

I have walked this path before you and I have unwavering faith that through the systems and processes I adopt through my training you can also move forward to live a happy and fulfilling life.

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Happy and Childless is a podcast designed to offer hope and support to other childless not by choice men and women. If you want to feel validated, seen, heard and understood then this podcast is for you.

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Connect with likeminded people in your area and globally. Feel seen, heard, understood and gain a sense of belonging with other childless men and women.

“Through connecting with myself,my values and reconnecting in mind, body and spirit with my universe and special people in my world, my happiness transformed miraculously”

– Helen Gallagher


What Our Clients Says!

“If you are feeling lost, exhausted and unable to see the future then I would wholeheartedly recomment Helen from Happy and Childless. Helen came into my life when I really did not know which way to turn. I was exhausted by grief after losing my father suddenly and completely burnt out in my job and daily life. I found the pressure I was putting on myself unbearable and feeling like I could not cope with even the smallest task. Very slowly, we took tiny steps and Helen found ways to guide me and put things into perspective. Working with Helen felt like having a friend on the outside of my life who helps you see the light, when you can only see the dark. instead of panic, fear and dread that I used to live with daily, I now feel empowered, confident and calm -for me that is my "Happy.”


    “Helen's open, upbeat and enthusiastic style really made me feel comfortable exploring areas i needed support with. Helen created a collaborative space where it was possible to discuss issues and be challenged. Being coached by Helen has really provided a great opportunity to create a new path forward with new ways of thinking.


      Are you feeling ready to take back control of your own Life ?

      Happy and Childless coaching will help you understand your current situation and existing patterns of behaviour which are holding you back. We will work with the Happy and Childless Life Matrix and uncover what is important to you across all areas of your life and we will introduce new habits, coping mechanisms and actions which will transform your day to day experience from one of low energy, frustration and hopelessness to one which is energetic, purposeful and full of excitement for the future.

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