Welcome to Happy & Childless

I’m “Happy & Childless”, well as happy as I can be amidst the trials and tribulations of life. The fast approaching menopause reeks havoc with the happy goals and the constant notes to self of the need to be fitter, slimmer, more successful, funnier, cheerier, tidier, wiser…but I know I can be happy and I’m striving to approach my childfree life with a fervour and determination to live my very best life yet.

The last 12 years have been full of indecision, fear, guilt, regret & sorrow as my once held dreams of parenthood and happy families looked to no longer be the reality. I’ve searched high and low for the magic pill to make everything seem ok and here’s the breaking news…there is no magic pill. Nobody out there truly gets it or has an inclination to. I know how scary does this seem? (Trust me I’ve spent significant amounts of money asking counsellors, healthcare professionals and psychics alike!).

Well actually the answer is much closer to home and is all in our control. The answer was in ME and the answer is also in YOU!

Only when I realised and started exploring the Law of Attraction and Mindfulness did my life and happiness take a turn for the better. It truly was like a light switch turning on in my head.

I believe what we think about we bring about. Our feelings are a direct consequence of what we are thinking about. If we feel bad we are thinking negative thoughts. We can switch instantly what we think about and impact immediately on our feelings. There is indeed a direct correlation and you, like me, can do this today.

I am passionate about helping and encouraging anybody in a similar position to myself, be it male or female to start to change their thought patterns and to start to dance with life again!

This is an ever evolving journey for me and I ask you to join it with me, sharing resources, techniques and ideas which I have encountered which have helped me to live as a “Human First Female Second” putting my own happiness now first ahead of any preconceived dreams which are now out of my control.

My new goal is to be “Happy and Childless” Please join me xxx