I am 42, have worked in sales for the past 22 years and I love building and nurturing friendships. I am a social person and love to chat and put the world to rights over a glass of vino (a vice I’m also trying to change). I love football, drinking wine, socialising, walking and meeting new people from all walks of life.

I have a tendency to start things and then give up so this is also something I’m trying to change. I’ve been on a diet for the last 15 years and have only managed to gain weight (another work in progress). I can’t do a press up and this too is a goal I’ve added to my list. I climbed Snowdon last year and on the basis the only thing I had previously climbed was my household stairs I’m quite proud of this achievement. It just shows that with the right mindset anything is possible.

I have amazing friends (many I hardly see) and a super supportive family (I need to see more).

So you may get the gist, I am a work in progress. My life took a direction where I lost all sense of what I was about and wanted in life. I didn’t care for myself emotionally or physically as well as I should have, so…

This is my time to change!

Join me today on my journey to be “happy and childless”. Start your journey with me!